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Every property investor will agree that a good property management company offering a comprehensive property management service is worth their weight in gold.

Possibly two of the most crucial elements to the success of a buy-to-let investment is the way the property is managed and the caliber of tenants that take occupancy, which is why tenant screening is of paramount importance.

A good property management team will screen prospective tenants to ensure the right tenant takes occupancy of the property. The benefits of having the right tenant in the home include being paid on time, less chance of damage to the property and generally fewer issues during the tenancy.

As members of ARLA Propertymark, our property managers are fully equipped and trained to provide a property management service at the highest level of professionalism. With ongoing training and updates, our property managers remain current with regards to any developments that could affect either tenants or landlords and the property under management.

How else does using a property management service benefit you as the owner?

You will have less to stress about – you won’t have to deal with emergencies in the middle of the night, don’t have to worry about collecting rent, evicting unsavory tenants, rental scams and mounds of paperwork.

More time for yourself – As an investor you can leave the property management to the experts and get on with the other more important revenue-generating activities. Also, you will have more time to spend with family and friends doing the things most important to you.

Freedom – There is no need to live near your buy-to-let properties to avoid a hefty commute. You can live and invest in properties wherever you want, knowing that a team of competent property managers is taking care of business. There is no need to put off holidays or travel in case something happens with a property in your portfolio. With a good property management company looking after your properties, there is no need to even be in the same country.

What services can eFour Homes offer you for managing your property?

  1. Arranging for Energy Performance Certificates, gas safety testing, electrical safety testing and so forth to ensure compliance with regulations
  2. Overseeing redecoration and refurbishment works
  3. Organising cleaning, pre-tenancy works, inventory check-in and check-out
  4. Preparing the tenancy agreement and other lettings document
  5. Liaising with utility companies and local councils
  6. Serving notices
  7. Handling the deposit protection process from registration with a deposit protection scheme to negotiating the deposit refund at the end of the tenancy
  8. Managing disputes with tenants
  9. Maintenance of the property on a daily basis, arranging repairs
  10. Conducting inspections on a regular basis
  11. Paying contractors/third parties on your behalf

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